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May 2008 WinnerMay 2008 Winner - N. Vassallo from Westminster, MA

Today, we celebrated our daughter Maddie's 5th birthday with our CBK Ariel Cake. We discovered Maddie was allergic to egg and soy at 20 months old after 3 separate respiratory attacks beginning at age 1. Her brother Luke, 3, was diagnosed with an egg allergy as well at age 1. Before discovering CBK, we had an unpleasant time making "special" cakes for birthdays. But now, we have no trouble making and decorating exactly what the kids want. Thank you for your mixes. I happily give your name out to anyone who asks for the recipe or to parents of other allergic children.


April 2008 Winner - Jill B. from Victor, NY

We discovered my son Joshua was allergic to dairy when he was 6 months old. When he turned one we found out he was also allergic to all 8 major food allergens. It was a terrifying realization, but we have since been able to find many healthy and delicious foods for him to eat.

I want my son to be able to enjoy eating and for it to be a positive experience for him. Thanks to Cherrybrook Kitchens for making products that Josh can enjoy -- including this Train Cake that I made him on his 3rd Birthday. As you can see, he really loved it!

Winner- Mar08

March 2008 Winner - Laura F. from Falmouth, ME

Our 7 month old, Elle, was recently diagnosed with an egg and peanut allergy. She is very sensitive, and will react if we even cook with eggs. My two year old loves to bake, so when I recently came across Cherrybrook Kitchen items, I was so happy- I almost cried. We can bake, and make a mess, and not worry about Elle reacting. This is a picture of the girls with Valentine chocolate chip cookies they surprised Daddy with. Thank you so much, Cherrybrook Kitchen!
February 2008 Winner - Alexandra U. from Milton, WI

February 2008 Winner - Alexandra U. from Milton, WI

Carter has Celiac Disease...and at first it was hard to watch big brother get to make and eat all the tasty treats. But a little town about 45 minutes away has Cherrybrook kitchen, and now Carter can help bake too! And eat of course!

January 2008 Winner - Gabe H. from East Norriton, PA

 January 2008 Winner - Gabe H. from East Norriton, PA

My 17 month old son Gabe is allergic to eggs, dairy and nuts. We found out when he was 7 months old and initially it was very difficult to find foods he could eat especially since eating is one of his favorite things to do! I am also a concerned parent and do not like to give him foods with alot of preservatives. Thanks to your products he can enjoy things he loves like pancakes and not feel left out when others are eating foods he generally may not be able to have.

December 2007 Winner - Kent N. from Marietta, GA

December 2007 Winner - Kent N. from Marietta, GA

My kids (ages 5, 3.5 and 1) enjoy your Gluten Free/Wheat Free cookie and cake mixes. My daughter turned 1 last week and we celebrated her Tinkerbell Party with a Castle Cake! Thank you so much for making my life easier with your delicious cake and cookie mixes!

Winner - Nov 2007

November 2007 Winner - Gabrielle H. from Phoenix, AZ

My son Elijah is allergic to eggs, peanuts, milk, peas, cats, dogs, dirt, tumble weeds (which wouldn't matter usually but we live on Phoenix, AZ). He has always felt left out when I made cookies or cakes since he couldn't have them. I'm so excited to have found your product so he can enjoy the small things he missed. Thank you greatly for these desserts!!!

October 2007 Winner - Sheryl H. from Johnson City, TN

We discovered our son's dairy allergy when he was 5 weeks old. His diet has been dairy-free since then, but I've worried about exposing him to other things since my husband and I both have a ton of food allergies (eggs, milk, soy, peanut, tree nut, etc.). Just as I was about to give up on making him a cake for his first birthday, I read about Cherrybrook Kitchen. I ordered your cakes and icings that night and had them just in time for his birthday. I made the yellow cake and gluten-free chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate frostings. Jesse loved them and so did the adults! Thank you for developing these wonderful products!!

August 2007 Winner - Clarissa D., Philadelphia, PA

Words can not express the gratitude that I had to Cherrybrook Kitchen for such fantastic products. My son Shareff is 10 yrs old and have never experienced the joy of a cookie, cake, pancake or brownie. When a co-worker of mine told me about your company I couldn't wait to share with my son. Immediately we visited the store and purchased everything in sight and he LOVES it. Shareffs' allergies are wheat, dairy, eggs, shellfish just to name a few. Now on his birthday he can have cake and blow out candles for the first time. Just when I was giving up hope we found Cherrybrook Kitchen. My family would like to say thank you for a new outlook on goodies.

June 2007 Winner - Colleen Weston, Pembroke, MA

My daughter was diagnosed with food allergies at one year old. She had her first allergic reaction at nine months old. At that point we avoided some items we thought she was allergic to. Now she has a confirmed food allergy to milk, eggs, peanuts, beef, pork, lamb, and shellfish. After being to numerous birthday parties she decided she wanted a Thomas birthday cake for her second birthday. I did not know how I would be able to do this. I found out about Cherrybrook Kitchen from my nutritionist at Children's Hospital Boston. I made this cake and not only did Grace love it, a lot of our relatives did too. Thank you.

 April 2007 winner

April 2007 Winner - Brad M., Huntersville,NC

My son was diagnosis with food allergies to dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, and wheat at nine months. Of course I was devastated at the thought he wouldn't be able to have a birthday cake on his first birthday. Then while reading a magazine I saw an ad for Cherrybrook Kitchen. I was thrilled. I found the product at a local Super Target and made him a cake. We decorated it with wooden Thomas Trains. Because of your products he isn't left out of precious moments.

March 2007 Winner - Karen E., Durham, NC

Dear Cherrybrook Kitchen,
Our son Liam turned 5 this year and had his first "big" party at Pump it Up with his preschool class. Liam is severely allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. We used to struggle to make a cake that had flavor and was moist like the traditional store brands or homemade with eggs and milk. We were so grateful to find Cherrybrook Kitchen products. Our son as well as family and friends love all the products. Our son's preschool families all comment about how good the cakes and brownies taste. They have even started buying the products for their non allergic families. When a child celebrates their birthday in the preschool classroom the parents all use the Cherrybrook mixes to make something for the entire class.
Winner Feb 07
February 2007 Winner - Jennifer R., Cape May, NJ

Riley is now four years old and pecking her way through a world full of dangerous foods. Over the past 2 1/2 years, we have discovered that she suffers from peanut, tree nut, egg, milk, rough-pitted fruit (peaches, apricots), chocolate, ibuprofen, and multiple environmental allergies. Although daily living is tricky, the really difficult times come when we want to give her a treat of some kind or there's a birthday in the family. Riley has two older sisters that do not suffer from allergies as she does and there's nothing sadder than watching a child blow out the candles on a birthday cake and then have to tell Riley that she cannot have any.
Thank God for Cherrybrook Kitchen!

January 2007 Winner — Bonnie V., Reading, MA

Like many other families, we found out about our son David's allergies by accident. In September, 2006, at 12 months old, David was exposed to a peanut butter sandwich at his daycare and had a frightening full body reaction. Within days we learned he was allergic to peanuts, almonds and eggs. We began our journey with David as an allergic child full of anxiety and uncertainty. This anxiety was heightened with Halloween and the holidays right around the corner. The more we learned however, the better prepared and hopeful we have become. With our friends and family behind us, we ventured to our first birthday party with David in late October and to our delight, my cousin had made Cherrybrook Kitchen Yellow cake muffins complete with the vanilla frosting so he too could enjoy the excitement of the party. Your products are so delicious (or "yummy in my tummy" as my 3 year old daughter Lindsay would say) - so much so that I had to keep my husband away from the leftovers! I am looking forward to making your cookies, brownies and cakes for the holidays and I thank you for making the world safer for my little guy!

December, 2006 Winner — Abbie S., Hillsboro, OR

Abbie is allergic to cow's milk, eggs, peanuts and all tree nuts. It was such a blessing to find your Cherrybrook Kitchen cake, cookie and frosting mixes! I used to dread birthday parties, but now with the ready-made mixes, it's so easy to fix Abbie a delicious cake or cupcakes. Chocolate is definitely her favorite! Thank you for creating these marvelous products to help those who suffer from food allergies!

November, 2006 Winner — Kim T., Arlington, MA

Max's story is one all too familiar to so many other parents. We gave him yogurt at 8 months old, and ended up in the ER. I couldn't believe it when they told us he was allergic to milk. I'd never heard of such a thing. With an older sister and younger sister both not allergic, I feared he would always feel different, and not be able to share the same food experiences as his siblings. Well, was I wrong. Being a pasty chef, I felt I had mastered the basics for him to eat, pancakes, muffins, cookies...and we were doing fine, then along comes Cherrybrook Kitchen! Well, we had to try it, and once we did, it's the only thing I use for cakes in our house, even for Max's sisters who have no allergies! It is such a fantastic product, the taste, and the structure of the cakes are amazing! we are so fortunate for our our children to be able to give them these once in a lifetime childhood experiences. Words can't describe the look on Max's face when he saw his Zoo train cake!! it's priceless to me. And we have Cherrybrook Kitchen to thank. Looking forward to watching your company grow and giving Max many more priceless experiences that he, his sisters and all his friends can enjoy!

October, 2006 Winner — Brennan K., Haddonfield, NJ

Brennan is allergic to all dairy, all nuts, strawberries, raspberries and eggs. I love sweets, so I have tried recipe, after recipe, after recipe to try and find a fun and tasty alternative for her! You should have seen Bren's face the first time I made her a confetti cake with pink frosting! And soooo delicious! Now when she is invited to her friend's birthday parties I make her, her own special party treat. She gets choices too! "Cupcake, cookies or a cookie sandwich?" We've even made a triple-decker chocolate chip cookie sandwich! Not only does she have variety now, she never feels left out, my heart is happier because she's so happy, and the results are so delicious the whole family enjoys, as do our friends who have no idea they are eating dairy free desserts! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Bren's grateful mom.

September, 2006 Winner — Cheryl S., Norton, MA

Our story is simple. As an infant, my son was diagnosed with food allergies. He's allergic to eggs, milk, peanuts, treenuts, sesame seeds, and soy. I was sad that Dylan wouldn't have yummy food to eat. My other kids got to have the fun of mashing and munching their first birthday cakes and I thought Dylan wasn't going to get that chance. When I found your website, I was so excited. I had thought about throwing in the towel and giving up nursing. Between my own food allergies and his, I just didn't think I could take it anymore. I gave the chocolate cake a try.I was in heaven! I loved it! This is saying something because I'm very picky about chocolate cake. Dylan is a lot like his mom. He loved it as well. This is now a staple in our house. So easy to make and neither of us is allergic. THANK YOU!

August, 2006 Winner — Paulette B., Shawnee, KS

My son Nick celebrated his 4th birthday this August. Thanks to Cherrybrook Kitchen this will be his first birthday that involves cake! After trying numerous recipes I had just about given up on wheat, egg, milk, and peanut-free cakes and cupcakes that the whole family could enjoy. Then I found Cherrybrook Kitchen. After trying the chocolate cake mix I couldn't believe it! Nick, his dad, and I LOVED them. The chocolate frosting is the best I've every eaten, and I don't have any allergies! Nick was so excited to take cupcakes to his 1/2 birthday at school this past February, and share them again with his extended family for his real birthday (but trust me, we've made them several times in-between). I've not meet anyone that does not love your mixes, and his preschool teacher pulled me over to tell me how good they are...and has sent people to me for the "recipe". Thank you Cherrybrook Kitchen for giving my son the gift of "normalcy" on his birthday!

July, 2006 Winner — Melissa M., Eatontown, NJ

Since finding your products we can now participate in parties at my son's daycare and had cupcakes at his first birthday party that he could eat too! He has several food allergies and it is always a challenge to some kind of a treat that he can eat and I don't have to make from scratch. As you can tell in the picture, he loves your cupcakes baked or not ~ doesn't matter. We also added in bananas with this batch and loved it. It tasted like chocolate covered bananas! Thank you so much for creating this product and we can't wait to try the pancakes and brownies!

June, 2006 Winner — Patricia F., La Habra CA

My daughters are thrilled to be able to eat hot, fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies! A year ago this month my twin daughters Kirsten and Victoria were diagnosed with severe, class 6 ,milk, egg, and peanut allergies. We had already started removing these items from their diet (and much more because we had a hard time figuring out just what was causing their reactions). At the hospital, while they were under going tests, I remembered seeing an article about a product that was free of eggs, milk, and peanuts. I asked the hospital dietitian and was handed lots of papers with information. Cherry Brook Kitchen was not listed. When I got home I was able to find the article and order from you. I also sent the hospital (National Jewish Hospital in Denver, Colorado) the same information! By my girls' 3rd birthday in October we celebrated with an original Teapot cake made from the vanilla cake mix. Now, I always keep a Cherry Brook Kitchen cake mix and several cookie mixes on hand. Whenever we are invited to a party I bake cupcakes or cookies so my daughters can celebrate along with everyone else. Thank You!

May, 2006 Winner — Alison D., West Hartford, CT

Yesterday was our son Olivier's third birthday. He and our younger son are both severely allergic to milk, egg and nuts, which makes baking difficult to say the least! Olivier was dying to have a race car cake but I knew I'd have to make it myself. Thank goodness for these great mixes from Cherrybrook Kitchen. I combined two of the yellow cake mixes to make a 13x9 sheet cake from which I made the race car. It was nice to be able to give him a normal looking and tasting cake. All of our guests enjoyed it as well. We're really thrilled to have found your products and have been enthusiastically recommending them to friends with allergies. Keep up the good work!

April, 2006 Winner — Jennie N., Minnesota

My daughter, Sophie, is allergic to dairy and it can be hard to find desserts that she can eat that we all like. For my son Martin's birthday, I used the chocolate cake mix from Cherrybook Kitchen and baked it in a springform pan. I made chocolate soy pudding and added it to the pan, creating a second layer. We crumbled mini oreo cookies and added those to the cake to make a dirt pile, topping it off with a few construction guys. The cake was a big hit - it was delicious.

March, 2006 Winner — Elisa S., Massachusetts

About two months before our son's, Jacob, first birthday I realized I had to come up with a dairy free, egg free, nut free cake. I did some research on the internet and found Cherrybrook...I was so happy to see that it was a Massachusetts company that was started by a mom like me. We had been so upset when we first learned of Jacob's allergies, knowing how he would miss out on flavors and textures that we love. I first tested the mixes by baking cupcakes for all the first birthdays we would be attending...each time Jacob loved them...but I had not ventured into the frosting yet. For his birthday I pulled out all the stops and baked away. He loved it...we could not get it out of his hands...we literally have 20 photos of everyone at the party standing beside him while he ate his cupcake. This picture was the first time he looked up...but with such a look of terror that we would take the cake away. After that we all sat around watching him finish the cake in complete joy and silence...I knew everyone was thinking it was the same scene you see at every 1 year old's birthday party but I was thinking Thank you God for giving me this precious boy and thank you for letting him eat his cake too! I know that no matter what problem arises be it allergy or otherwise we can overcome it because of people like you!

February, 2006 Winner — Stephanie F., Oklahoma

Jonathan was diagnosed as a Level 4 Cow's Milk Allergy kid at 18 months of age. Determined to not deprive him of the 'treats' he was familiar with (as well as his 2 year old brother), I eagerly sought dairy-free alternatives. We were usually disappointed! Baking dairy-free was turning into a taste nightmare! Then, my cousin referred me to your website and I ventured to a health food store, obviously cautious not to get my hopes up. For no reason whatsoever (sometimes those are the best reasons, aren't they???) I baked chocolate cupcakes with the vanilla frosting mix today. My oldest son was very curious why Mommy made cupcakes and Jonathan, I'm quite certain, was apprehensive too. Then, while I waited on baited breath, they started eating! The giggles they exchanged as they dug in and devoured their cupcakes were priceless! In fact, I called the Cherrybroook number right then and there and said I was in tears! I couldn't believe a simple cake and frosting mix would please two little boys so much! So, if anyone is apprehensive like we were; fear not. The mixes were so simple, so delicious, and so, so, soooo worth it! This experiment in dairy-free baking, thanks to Cherrybrook Kitchen was a success. The "we have no particular reason to be baking/eating cupcakes" today turned into quite the dairy-free celebration! So, you should have yourself a "no reason" party too! Thank you so much!

January, 2006 Winner — Linda W., Texas

My daughter has several allergies including milk, and so I made her first birthday cake with your cake mix "just in case" since she hadn't tried egg whites yet. She loved it! As it turns out, it was a good thing we trusted our instincts. Don't you know that the day after Jenna's birthday, we tried giving her eggs and sure enough, she was allergic to them and so if she had not had Cherrybrook Kitchen cake on her birthday, it would have been terrible! Not only did Cherrybrook Kitchen save the day on Jenna's birthday, but our whole family has decided your chocolate cake is the best ever (over traditional mixes or even from scratch). Instead of having a traditional pie for Christmas this year, we are having Cherrybrook chocolate cake because then Jenna can it eat and we know everyone else will love it!

December, 2005 Winner — Dineen C., Delaware

"I try to put the "word" out wherever I roam in the allergy world, and have even had to give some mixes out to family and friends that say "I don't care what it doesn't have in it, it's good cake and yummy cookies. The mixes have been a blessing for me, my daughter with food allergies, my son who doesn't have food allergies and all the friends and family that have shared these "treats" with my daughter. It's so nice to see my daughter "included" in a celebration instead of "excluded" because of her food restrictions. I never have to wonder if this mix has a trace of a nut, and could cause a reaction.

It's obvious that much love and care have gone in to making these mixes. Cherrybrook Kitchen hasn't been in our life for a long time, but will be in our lives for a long time. I have my fingers crossed that my daughter will outgrow her food allergies and sensitivities, and even if that happens, I will continue to use these mixes because of their high quality! Thanks for helping out others!”